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Wednesday; November 7

The other day I went to my local Big Box Electronics store intent on getting a new gadget.Folks, I have to admit that I really like new gadgets.I don’t always get the most expensive of shiniest thing they have but, I can be lured to new stuff.As I was assessing what I wanted with what it was going to cost me, I began to realize that what I wanted was what I already had – I just wasn’t using it to its fullest capacity.I could use the gadget that was already paid for in an expanded way and I would achieve the results I sought (and could save my money for the next cool new thing that was sure to come along). The reason for this confession is that sometimes we don’t fully appreciate what we already have – especially when it comes to our religion.In an effort to become “more relevant” or “more progressive” we are tempted to look for something new when what we really need is to just use what we already have to its fullest.Rather than seeking a program to reach more people would it be more ad…