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Monday; September 11

I don’t remember everything about the morning of September 11, 2001, but I do recall that it started out much like any other Tuesday.  We were expecting a busy weekend, but still thought we had plenty of time to get our plans in order.  I happened to walk by as the Principal of the school was looking in interest at the television saying, “A plane just flew into the World Trade Center.”.  My first thought was that it was sad that a small plane was off course and was damaged – then I witnessed the rest of the story!  September 11 was a day that changed a lot of lives.  Some people started their day by going to work, voting or beginning a relaxing trip, but before the morning was over thousands of people in New York City; Arlington, Virginia and Summerset, Pennsylvania we directly impacted while other ripples reverberated throughout the nation and the world. As I reflect on 9/11 several things come to mind, but one of the most striking is the uncertainty of life.  We make plans, we look f…