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Monday; July 30

As we begin our Vacation Bible School at church this week I am reminded of some of the lessons that I learned at VBS several years ago.Some of them involved the great stories and characters of the Bible, but there were others as well, including:
1)Studying the Bible doesn’t have to be boring.
2)There is always a Mom watching – even when it isn’t yours.
3)A little dirt on a sandwich cookie never hurt anyone.
4)It is rewarding to bring someone to church with you.
5)You may not be able to carry a tune in a bucket, but you still have fun singing your favorite songs.
6)It is the quality of the company you keep, not the name brand of the snacks you eat that makes it special.
7)It is okay to yell at the devil.
8) The fun of five (or ten days) at VBS is variable and often measured by the age of the person attending.
9)Religious art is not always stored in the environmentally-controlled museums of Europe.(Sometimes it is on your Mom’s refrigerator.)
10)Love is something that if you give it away you end…