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Wednesday; April 18

Would you like to be able to give someone something that would make their lives better?How many of us have laid in bed at night, contemplating what we would do if we suddenly struck it rich.After paying for the new boat and the condo on the beach, many of us have pondered what we could do with some of the money to make a difference. The reality is that we probably aren’t going to come into a substantial amount of money – but, that doesn’t mean that we can’t help others.Here are a few things we can give the world that will make it better: 1)We can give a smile.There is nothing that brightens people day any quicker than a genuine smile.Just by looking someone in the eye and smiling at them, we might be able to alleviate some of the stress and disappointment they are feeling. 2)We can give a compliment.Flattery won’t get us everywhere, but genuine compliments can make a difference.People are constantly being reminded of their failures, let’s help them enjoy their successes. 3)We can give a h…