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Tuesday; October 31

I do my best to not allow my personal biases derail our time together too much, but every-once-in-a-while I find myself climbing on a soapbox.  Spoiler alert - today is one of those days.  I will be blunt, I am not a big fan Halloween.  No, I don’t think it is wrong to allow our children to canvass the neighborhood begging (or threatening people) for candy, but I think we must also be cautious about its dark side.  First of all, we must be careful that the day doesn’t become an excuse for destruction or debauchery.  Yet, another word of warning – we must be careful not to ignore the dark side of the spirit world.  Any day that honors the presence of the devil or dabbles in the unknowns of the spirit world in a positive way should be viewed with caution.  Folks, I don’t want to be the fun-police, but I also don’t want us to trivialize something that might be offensive to God.  I realize this comes from the Old Testament, but God warned the Israelites as they entered the pagan world, “W…