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Friday; September 20

I love to travel.I even really enjoy planning travel – we’ll, sort of.I like shopping for deals, booking flights, lodging and excursions.I even get excited reading about the history and researching the local cuisine of the destination.However, there comes a point in time when the fun turns into a mild form of anxiety.I begin to watch the forecast and wonder if the weather will cooperate.Does the lawn need to be mowed or can it wait until we get back?I start to think about what time we need to leave home to make sure we get to the airport on time.Speaking of airports, where is our airplane coming from – will it make it on time so that we can make all of our connections?If I am not careful, the upcoming details tend to rob me of the excitement of the trip.Periodically, in the days and weeks leading up to a trip, I need to stop and refocus on the joy that awaits. Does that sound familiar?No, at this point I am not talking about taking a trip, I am talking about our spiritual journey.It is…