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Monday; May 21

I am not sure how they figure such things, but I heard that 18 million Britons watched the royal wedding over the weekend.  That seems pretty impressive until it is compared to the 2018 Super Bowl which had around 100 million people tune in.  Again, even that hefty number is paled by the estimated 1 billion people FIFA claims to have watched Brazil win the Championship Game of the last World Cup and the 3.2 billion people who watched at least a part of the tournament.  Folks, those are some pretty impressive numbers.  Certain events have always evoked interest and in an era with multiple media outlets, most of us can watch pretty much anything we want to see.           Interestingly, there is something that will not only be available to each of us, it will become the focal point of the whole universe.  There will be a point in time when Jesus will become the center of attention – a time when everyone of all time will stare at the One who rules eternity.  After describing Jesu…