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Tuesday; August 8

One of the things that our society has done very well in the last century is educate people.  At the beginning of the 20th Century a lot of people lacked a basic education, but now, over 90% of Americans have a High School degree and over half of them have at least some college education.  I think this is a great thing, but I am also convinced that there are some things that a formal education can’t teach us.  These principles have to be instilled in us by influences who care about us and must be personally adopted by each one of us.  Among the lessons to be learned are: 1).  We need to be good people.  Education can teach us facts and how to think, but we must understand that our value comes from being caring people who value those around us.  Positive role models and mentors who hold us accountable for our actions are great influences in this aspect of our lives. 2).  We must learn to cope.  Not everything is going to go the way we expect.  Sometimes it seems like more things go again…