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Friday; July 21

Last week I was scanning the news headlines and one caught my attention.  In an interview with CNNMoney one of Uber’s top executives said, "Sometimes we've acted as a startup, and the world doesn't view us as that. We're not at a scale where we're a startup anymore."  To be honest, I don’t know much about the company and have never ridden in a Uber, but I was intrigued by his comment.  The worldwide company has come under some scrutiny and it would be easy to blame their problems on being new or being small or just being a start-up, but the truth is that they are players on an international stage and are expected to act in a certain way.           As I pondered this comment, it got me to thinking about Christianity.  Do we try to defend some of our struggles because our numbers are few (relatively speaking) or because we are feeling some social pressures by vocal antagonists?  Do smaller churches view themselves as victims of a community they perceive as being…