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Wednesday; January 10

As a man was riding along an inner city street in his carriage he looked down to see the poverty that surrounded him.  From his perch he witnessed, first hand, the hardships of the afflicted.  Touched by the plight of so many, the prosperous man summoned his compassion and said with a sigh and a prayer, “There, but by the grace of God, go I.”.  Rather than condemning those who didn’t have, he praised the God who had blessed him with what he had. How close have we come to losing everything?  Whether it was our physical health because of disease or injury … our financial independence because of poor management or a depressed economy … or even our solid emotional state of mind because of stress or crisis many of us may have been closer to losing it all than we would have ever imagined.  Since it never happened we may not be able to look back and identify the specific date and time, but who knows how close we have been to a life-altering hardship.  It was by the grace of God’s will and pro…