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Monday; June 4

It has been so wet along the Eastern seaboard for the past couple of weeks that the ground is soggy and I feel like I can see my grass grow! I was fussing about being tired of the rain at church yesterday when someone from Oklahoma said how much they could use the rain back home.  That really got me to thinking about how I see things.  Here I am whining because a little rain is inconveniencing me while an entire region is suffering from a drought.  Midwestern wheat farmers would love to trade places with me!  As I pondered this a little more, I began thinking about other “dumb” stuff I have said – such as “Oh man, I ate so much I made myself miserable” or “I am about to worry myself sick about how to invest my money”.  Really?  Did I actually complain about having too much to eat or that I have an surplus of money?  Come on now!  When I look at these statements in light of the children who are going to bed hungry or the people who are struggling to pay tomorrow’s heating bil…