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Thursday; August 31

The other day I was reading a news media site that was entitled, “Teens reveal the greatest positive influences in their lives”.   While I did not read each and every answer as I scrolled through the list it was obvious that the most influential force on teens is family.  While there were a few teachers or organizations listed, the vast majority of the responses centered around family – especially parents and in particular, mothers.  In all honesty, it was a great reminder of the role that family plays in the lives of our young people.  Even in today’s society (where familial relationships seemed to be stretched thin and strained by intergenerational challenges) family is important.  As I reflected on this a couple of things came to mind: 1).  Parents, we must understand the influence we have our children.  We hold in our hands a life that will be molded by us whether we like it or not.  Our children want us to shape them into something positive.  No, it won’t be all fun-and-games, but…