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Thursday; October 11

The other day I did something I had been afraid I was going to do for a while.On the weekends I tend to carry my phone in the front pocket of my shorts – which is also where I carry my cash.I try to carry them in different pockets, but every so often they will end up in the same one and that can lead me to inadvertently pulling out my cash when I take out my phone.On previous occasions I have saved a loss by finding my cash laying on the ground or in my chair, but last week I was not so fortunate.Somehow, somewhere I lost some money.I don’t know exactly what happened, but I would imagine it was lost when I pulled my phone out of my pocket.As you might imagine, I was a bit irritated at losing the money and moped around for a while.As I processed my loss I got thinking that it was about an hour’s worth of pay and that seemed to ease my mind a bit.I still felt foolish, but it wasn’t the first time I have wasted an hour’s wage. As I thought about this rationalization, I was struck by anoth…