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Friday; August 18

There has been a lot of talk about peace these days … well, let me rephrase that – there has been a lot of talk about the lack of peace these days.  While our nation is not currently engaged in any significant world-wide conflicts, there is a lot of tension.  Issues in foreign nations like Iraq, North Korea and Venezuela have made us uneasy.  Even our domestic peace has been tested in places like the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota and in Charlottesville, Virginia.  If our forefathers were to analyze our nation’s current status many of them would probably say that we are “at peace”, but as we live through it, there is a lot of anxiety surrounding us.  Peace is an interesting concept because it can be defined in so many different ways.  One generation’s definition might be the absence of a world war while a community’s take on it would be a murder-free weekend.  A family’s definition might be a brief respite from domestic violence while an individual might understand i…