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Monday; February 26

The other afternoon I was driving home in the fog and noticed that, while I could still see pretty well, my perception was negatively affected.  The diminished light made everything appear gray and I found it harder to distinguish images.  The fog covered the roadway in dampness and the darkness was compounded so twilight came earlier.  No, it wasn’t pitch-black dark, but it wasn’t the safest condition for driving.           As I thought about the fog I got to reflecting on the world in which we live.  Often, when we think about good and evil, we envision a distinctness between pure light and the dark, yet some of satan’s most dangerous weapons involve shades of gray.  Most of us can easily guard against absolute wrong, but we get in trouble when we find ourselves dealing with “a little bit of sin” or something that just isn’t quite right.  The more we live in the fogginess of spiritual or moral uncertainty, the easier it is for us to stumble.           While the devil is a ma…