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Friday; December 14

For those of us who were alive during the 1970s there may have been no more compelling television than the hearings of “The Senate Select Committee On Presidential Campaign Activities” or better known as the Watergate Hearings.Even though this show was live, it had more twists and turns than the best of the Daytime Dramas.For weeks, the Senate Committee investigated the activities of the Nixon Administration and the Committee to Re-elect the President.Most people are familiar with the outcome of the hearings, but the other day I came across an interesting quote by Senator Sam Ervin from the Final Report that condemned the activity by noting, “Their lust for political power blinded them to ethical considerations and legal requirements; to Aristotle's aphorism that the good of man must be the end of politics; and to Grover Cleveland's conviction that a public office is a public trust.”.As I read this observation I was struck by Senator Ervin’s assessment of politics.The purpose …