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Wednesday; June 13

What would you do if Warren Buffet asked you to be on His personal board of advisors?  How would you respond if this man of incredible wealth and insight asked you to be a part of his closest team – would you do it ... would you even be willing to do it for free?  There are certain things that we would be willing to do just because of the honor of being asked and the experience gained in the process. When we think about being servants of God, what comes to mind – the bondage of servitude or the blessing of working in harmony with the Lord God?  Do we feel compelled to do His bidding or do we relish the chance to be a part of the good that is being done by the Author and Perfecter of goodness?   Yes, there are things we are supposed to do as children of God, but how much better would we feel and how much more would we do if we looked at our good deeds as being done in partnership with God?  In a sense, being God’s servants comes with a tidy reward (an eternal life with Him), but it woul…