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Monday; March 18

I am not much of a basketball fan, but even I get excited about this time of year.March Madness is contagious – and this year is even more interesting for me because my alma mater, Abilene Christian University, is making their first appearance in the Big Dance.(Those of you who attended ACU might find a bit of irony in that statement, but it is exciting nonetheless.) The thing I enjoy about this part of the college basketball season is the presence of the longshots (I prefer to call them the “Davids’ in the field of NCAA Goliaths).The chance of these lower seeds making it to the Final Four is slim, but for now – for a couple of days – hope springs eternal.The odds don’t matter, the chance to participate does. As ponder this bit of Americana, it reminds me of another “Cinderella Story”, the beginning of the Kingdom of God.The early church – who followed Someone perceived to be a martyred teacher – wasn’t given much of a chance at success by anyone other than their resurrected Leader.Yet,…