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Tuesday; April 17

Right about this time each year I have to have a little talk with myself.Since I typically have to “pay in” on my tax responsibilities, I am not one of the ones who files their taxes any earlier than necessary.Hey if the mid-April deadline is good enough for them, it is good enough for me.Sometime around April 15 each year I have to remind myself how I benefit from paying taxes.When I look at the amount I pay, I have to stop and think about where my money goes.No, I don’t crack open the federal budget, but I do look around and see the value I get for what I pay.Not only do I receive benefits such as infrastructure, protection and security, but a portion of what I pay helps others.In a sense, by paying taxes I can do a little good for the people around me who can’t do it on their own. As I thought about this, I got to thinking about my contribution to the church.Sure, I realize the Christian obligation that comes with Paul’s message to the Corinthian church , “On thefirstdayof every wee…