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Monday; December 31

Does anyone remember what our society was discussing a week ago?Much of the conversation centered around Jesus.While the focus of the Christmas season is the birth of Jesus, there was also a lot of talk about love, hope, joy and goodwill.Snippets of the Gospels were all around us and, if we were in the right place at the right time, we might have even heard the story of the birth of Jesus read in its entirety.It was a good time to be a Christian! So, now a week later, what is the topic of discussion?Well, it is New Year’s Eve and I would imagine that much of the discussion centers around the potential for partying.Now, before we get too far in this discussion, I have always liked New Year’s Eve parties – there is usually some pretty good food being served – but I am also aware that New Year’s Eve can also be a time of indulging in alcohol.I am a teetotaler myself and would feel very comfortable teaching a message of absolute abstinence, but I don’t find it being a requirement.I do; how…