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Friday; September 27

I came across a Facebook post the other day that made me say, “Hmmmm ...”.According the post a guy named Jeremy Goldberg observed, “Courage is knowing it might hurt, and doing it anyway.Stupidity is the same.And that’s why life is hard.”.I am not sure if this is supposed to make me laugh or cry – but I do know it made me think. I look back over times in my life when I have stood on the brink of a decisions understanding that the likely result was something that was going to put me in an uncomfortable situation – should I do it or not?Was it venturing into stupidity or stepping out in faith?Folks, I would like to say that after some pondering I figured it out, but in all honesty there are many times when the answer still isn’t all that clear! As I thought about this dilemma that we face on a consistent basis, I realized that there is something that can help us know the difference between courage and stupidity – wisdom.We may not be able to determine the ultimate outcome, but when we appr…