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Thursday; November 30

A couple weeks ago I was snuggled into my nice warm fleece blanket in my favorite recliner watching a college football game when I got a call from a friend of mine.  Her car wouldn’t start and she asked if I could come and help her out.  For a second my “practical” brain wrestled with the inconvenience – I would have to leave my game, put on warm clothes and drive half way across town … Oh Man!  Fortunately, my next thought was much more productive.  My memory brought to mind a time when Jeane and I were out of town and our daughter’s car broke down on her way to college several hours from home (and several hours from school).  I picked up my phone and called a couple of friends of mine who didn’t bat an eye at helping us out.  Not only did they drive down to where my daughter’s car was, they loaded it up on a trailer and moved it to where it could be repaired.  All of a sudden, my current inconvenience wasn’t all that inconvenient.  Sure, I would be happy to help my friend.  I grabbe…