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Thursday; August 2

One of the things that is required as a leader is open-mindedness.Sure, a manager (someone focused on an outcome), can be single-minded in their approach, but if we are going to define leadership as assisting others in developing their own potential being open-minded is a must.I will be the first to tell you that I like tradition and the way things used to be done, but when it comes to helping others grow and develop, I have to be open to the fact that things are a’changing and not all change is bad. While I readily admit that I need to work on allowing others to mature and develop in their own ways (and sometimes at their own pace), I also realize that what is needed from those we lead is the willingness to grow and develop.Just as we will be ineffective if we narrow-minded in our approach to leadership (“You have do to it the way we have always done it”) leaders will also be disappointed when people tell us, “You can’t tell me how to do it” and then not do anything.Unless something i…