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Thursday; June 21

As I was boarding a plane the other day I was reminded of the value of “orderliness”.Can you imagine what would happen if scores of people rushed to try to be the first ones on the plane as soon as the boarding doors opened?There would be fist-fights to determine who got the First Class seats, brawls over who got the overhead space and a general bottleneck as everyone tried to crowd onto the boarding ramp.It would be chaos and the idea of on-time departures or arrivals would be mere fantasy!The airlines realize the value of an orderly boarding process, so beginning with the fare structure of buying seats all the way through the ticketing process and even zone seating there is a plan that makes schedules possible and travelers manageable. As I thought about structure and planning I got to thinking about God’s design and creation of the world.Something so wonderful and as orderly as our universe couldn’t have just happened – there had to be Someone guiding the process.The beginning of th…