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Tuesday; January 23

What would we think of someone who had reliable information about a serious crime but didn’t tell the authorities?  How would we react if we heard someone saying that they saw a person struggling for their life trying to get out of a cold, marshy bog; but did not make any effort to assist?  How would we treat someone who, even though they knew another person had an acute shellfish allergy, didn’t tell them that dip on the buffet was filled with crabmeat as they took a heaping helping?  Maybe, in some legal sense, each of these people might have a culpability in the outcome of the injured person, but even if they didn’t have a legal responsibility to intervene, most of us would agree that they had a moral obligation to do or say something. Now, let’s shift gears from discussing the physical to the spiritual.  How many of us know about people who are spiritually suffering (and may be on the verge of spiritual death), but do nothing about it?  How many of us are fully aware of the blessin…