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Friday; May 18

When we envision God, what comes to mind?  Depending upon our perspective (and maybe our immediate state of mind) a myriad of images can flash through our brains and hearts.  God is Creator, Sustainer, Savior, Lord, Father, Judge and Disciplinarian.  God can be described as love, hope, peace and vengeance.  I think that most of us are willing to admit that God is Great and God is Grand!   Now, that is cool – but, so what?  What are we going to do with the realization of who and what God is?  Are we going to keep it to ourselves or are we going to share it with the world?  Will we acknowledge it cognitively and academically or are we going to allow it to influence our behavior?  Are we have it tattooed on our arm or write it in our heart?  Maybe the most practical question for this weekend is how are we going to demonstrate our worship for God?  If we believe that He is worthy of praise, are we willing to dedicate a portion of time to publicly acknowledge our faith?  No, a public worsh…