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Thursday; April 5

Are we paralyzed by the “but-what-if” disease?While this may not be found in any medical dictionary, this ailment has derailed a lot of good people.The “but-what-if” disease manifests itself when we are moving into our future, then pause and focus on “but what if” something negative happens.We see the opportunity to grow, develop or move in a new direction only to be stymied by uncertainty and a fear of the unknown.We say that we would like to progress, but the power of an unguaranteed future stops us in our tracks, then prohibits us from regaining traction.
The fear of the future can limit us unless we have the antidote – a confidence in our abilities and God’s guidance.The way we overcome the paralysis of inaction is to have faith, focus and fortitude.No, God has not given us carte blanche to achieve anything we would like, but He has given us the ability to venture out into the unknown.Sure, He reserves the right to reel us back in if we are on the wrong path, but that doesn’t…