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Wednesday; November 21

I realize it is inappropriate to discuss “diets” during the week of Thanksgiving – but, here goes.I have been on enough diets in my life to realize that the hardest time for me to stick to a program is during this time of year.I would like to blame it on Thanksgiving, but the truth of the matter is that the problem typically begins the day after Thanksgiving.Let me see if I can explain.A lot of people are successful with a diet leading into Thanksgiving, then comes our national annual feast day and our good intentions go out the window.This, however, is still not a problem.Most diets can stand one day of diversion, the problem comes in when we never get back on track.I mean, we can’t leave the left-overs to spoil can we ... and then there are all the holiday parties ... and then there is the Christmas dinner ... and, of course, we should be able to enjoy the New Year’s Eve parties ... and then there is more football (and feasting on New Year’s Day)!So what began as a simple break to e…