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Tuesday; August 20

What would you like to do if you could do anything you would like to do?I am not talking about things that are impossible (like me batting clean-up for the Texas Rangers), I am referring to things that are within the realm of the possible, they just require stepping outside our daily routine and trying something new and different.Maybe it would be putting in for a leadership position at work ... or going on a mission trip to help some people in Africa ... or giving up the rat-race and moving to a place where we feel like we can make a difference in the day-to-day lives of people in need.On one hand these things might seem unattainable – but are they really impossible?Sure, it might require changing our daily routine and giving up some of the security we have in our current surroundings; yet, would it be worth it? It is easy to lament what we haven’t done (and even easier to give up on the hope of ever doing it), but are we really stuck in our current lives?There are a lot of examples o…