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Wednesday; November 1

Many of us are familiar with the Homeland Security saying, “See Something, Say Something.”.  The purpose behind this encouragement is to remind people that most acts of violence don’t exist in a vacuum, nor do they do unnoticed.  If the people who had a concern about someone would have come forward or if someone with knowledge of a serious attack would have just said something, the violence could have been averted.  While this saying is valuable in national defense, I believe it has another role.  If we see something positive, we should say something positive.  In other words, if we come across something good, we need to tell someone what we saw.   This renewed version of “See Something, Say Something” does a few things:  First, it allows us to compliment people who are doing good things.  Too often, those who practice good deeds don’t know if anyone is noticing their work or not.  By saying something positive to them, they get immediate recognition which not only gives them affirmati…