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Thursday; November 28

I really enjoy Thanksgiving – I mean how can you go wrong with food, friends, food, family, food, football and food?  It doesn’t get much better than that!            In reality, there is another reason I like Thanksgiving and it has nothing to do with the meal(s).  What emotion is more deserving to be celebrated than the decision to give thanks?  We spend so much of our lives wanting more and hoping for things we don’t have, so when we get the chance to reverse that trend and focus on being appreciative, we should not only practice it, we should enjoy it!            There is yet another reason I like this day – it is one of the few days of the year when religion gets to come into the spotlight.  I realize that Thanksgiving is not traditionally listed as a “religious holiday”, but think about it ... it is designed to be a time when we (as people) are invited to give thanks to the God who sustains us.  Even some of the least spiritual people we know will stop for a prayer of …