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Friday; April 12

The other night Jeaneand I watch a movie that had great potential.The costuming was wonderful and the story was intriguing ... and then something happened – it just stopped!After about an hour and a half of a pretty decent movie the characters (and the plot) just seemed to die.The final scenes left us hanging – how did it end, how was it supposed to end?The shame is that when I think of this movie (even if I could recall its name) I will always judge it based on how it finished. One of the most important qualities of a top level athletic team is their ability to finish strong.Games are won in the last quarter (or eighth inning) and championships are seized in the playoffs.Yes, great teams have the consistency to put them in position to be successful, but it is the ability to make that final drive that cements them in history. You might be asking what a disappointing movie and championship teams have in common (much less how they apply to our daily journey) – and the answer is that we mu…