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Wednesday; November 6

When I was a youngster I was fascinated by space travel.  Our family lived on the east coast of Florida during the 1960s and 1970s and even had some friends and distant relations that worked in and around “the Cape”.  I recall the excitement of watching successful space launches and landings; then feeling the pain of the failures – especially those that resulted in the loss of life.  It was great time to be an American kid.  It was inspirational to imagine just how far we could go and what could be discovered out there somewhere.  The visionaries of that day made some incredible leaps through thought and dedication.  Over the last few decades our emphasis on space exploration has decreased.  I’m not sure what happened – was it the influence of those who question the validity of our history or the lack of people who saw it as important – but, we rarely hear about what is going on in outer space.           As I thought about how we have slowed the space race I also got to think…