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Friday; November 30

Several days ago a man lost his wallet on a flight to Las Vegas to celebrate his sister’s wedding.Inside the wallet was a check and $60 in cash.You can imagine the man’s emotions when he realized the wallet was missing; but, a few days later a package arrived containing the wallet and an extra $40.The anonymous note explained that the person had found the wallet wedged between the seat and a wall on a different flight.The extra $40 – the person explained that the added money would make the cash an even $100 with which to celebrate the return of the wallet. The reason I share this story is two-fold:First, it is a reminder that there are still good, honest people in the world.The news, social media and water-cooler griping is filled with plenty of stories about how bad people have gotten, but the truth is that not everyone has become evil.Second, it is reminder that we can make a major difference in people’s life by doing simple things.A few dollars here, a helping hand there, a kind wor…