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Thursday; January 11

Are we Christians?  On one hand that may seem like a pretty simple question that can be readily answered with a “yes” or “no”, but since I ask the question, I get to define it a bit further.  To me, this query is based on one important piece of information – what does “Christian” mean?  Does it merely mean that I believe in the existence of  someone named Jesus who was called the Christ?  Is it a demographic designation that separates us out in categories like “atheist”, “Buddhist”, “Jewish”, “Muslim”, etc.?  Is it based upon where we worship on a particular day of the week?  Is it determined by the principles we choose to adopt?  Now all of a sudden the question becomes a bit more complex, doesn’t it? Let me throw one more layer into this discussion – does the question have as much to do with how we act as it does with what we believe?  Sure, we can believe in the principles of Christianity, but is our faith enough to qualify us as a Christian?  When the New Testament writer James del…