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Wednesday; February 6

One of the most reliable things in life is “nostalgia”.As a youngster I remember sitting around listening to previous generations talking about how things used to be in “good old days”.When I listened to them recall bygone days I was struck by the fact that they thought that both things and people were so much better back then.I have to admit that as a younger I was often offended by their perception of how shallow and godless my generation had become.Interestingly, now that I am older, I share their temptation to see things through the rose colored glasses of reminiscence. The problem with nostalgia is multi-layered.First, it probably isn’t true.Our memories are often faulty or fuzzy.The second problem with nostalgia is that it cannot be shared by anyone other than those of our generation.When we spend too much time looking backwards we naturally alienate up-and-coming generations.The other day I was reading the book Church Inside Out by Timothy Archer who made a very interesting poin…