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Thursday; August 24

There are several great example of faith in the Bible, but one that is often overlooked is Jonah.  I struggle a bit with the story of Jonah – not because I doubt its authenticity – I believe that it actually happened as it is written.  Rather, my struggle comes from my personal assessment of the prophet – was he a good guy or a disappointment?  As with most of us, I think that the truth is somewhere in the middle.   Anyway, back to faith – Jonah’s faith was incredible!  As the prophet was sitting inside the belly of the fish he recounted his experience of being thrown into the sea and swallowed by the critter.  Interestingly, he tells us that he had faith that God would save him by observing, “So I said, ‘I have been expelled from Your sight.  Nevertheless I will look again toward Your holy temple.’” (Jonah 2:4)  Even when most people would fear drowning in the Mediterranean Sea Jonah believed he would be saved and worship again in the temple of God.  At the end of an incred…