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Thursday; August 20

I had one of those “Aha” moments the other day.  I was thinking about how busy my life was and got to thinking how fortunate God is that I could make time for Him.  Then it dawned on me ... I am busy doing what:  Watching the latest episodes of my favorite shows – working overtime at the job that He gave me – shuttling my children (or grandchildren) to their latest appointment – catching up on the latest news or gossip from a society that has left Him out of their lives – mowing grass that will become dormant in the next couple of months – cleaning the stove I will use to cook the food He gave me – rearranging the shed filled possessions that I haven’t seen since the last time I moved?  I am really all that busy?           Sometimes, when we ask the Lord to indulge us as we make excuses for being busy, I wonder if He doesn’t just roll His eyes.  He has the control of the whole world in His hands, but is always willing to listen to us whenever we need to talk to Him.  He has ta…