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Monday; November 11

If there ever was a friend of the service personnel of the United States military, it was probably Bob Hope.For decades the comedian entertained American troops by taking his star-studded shows out to the world’s battlefields.When I was growing up, I couldn’t wait to watch his Christmas shows from places like Vietnam, but as excited as I was to see him, I can’t imagine what it meant to those troops on the frontlines.The other day I came across a quote from Hope’s book, “I Never Left Home” that noted, “I saw your sons and your husbands, your brothers and your sweethearts. I saw how they worked, played, fought, and lived. I saw some of them die. I saw more courage, more good humor in the face of discomfort, more love in an era of hate, and more devotion to duty than could exist under tyranny.” As I thought about Bob Hope’s description of the American military I was reminded of the men and women I have known who served our nation.Some saw battle, some didn’t.Some were wounded, most were n…