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Thursday; January 31

Last weekend Jeane got the flu and was pretty miserable for a couple of days.  As you might imagine, she had all the signs – fever, sore throat, aches and just a feeling of yuckiness (yes, that is a medical term).  As I watched her deal with her symptoms I noticed something odd – I stared to feel the same things.  I am not sure if I was getting the flu or if I was merely experiencing some sort of companion symptoms.  I saw what she was experiencing and all of a sudden, I started coughing, feeling achy and had a loss of energy.           The reason I bring this up is not to report on our medical condition – we are fine – rather to ask a parallel question in our emotional and spiritual lives.  Since we live in a world that seems to struggle with things like discouragement, despair and anxiety are we mirroring those attributes in our lives?  If we believe in a God who is in control of the world, we should be immune to the daily struggles; but do we spend too time connected with …