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Thursday; April 18

It was on this date in 1775 that one of the most famous events of the American Revolution occurred.  While the details of Paul Revere’s ride have seen somewhat glamorized by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, it truly was a part of American history in which a hero risked life and limb to warn people of the impending dangers of the British invasion in the Greater Boston area.  In part, because of Revere’s ride, our nation withdrew from an oppressive government and found the freedom they so desperately wanted.
          As I thought about Paul Revere I got to wondering if people today are as willing to herald the dangers of oppression as he was in his day.  No, I am not talking about governmental intervention or an terroristic invasion – we need to be shouting the dangers of sin!  There are certain things that are invading our national make-up that can have a catastrophic impact.  Whether it is immoral behavior, greed, social indifference, injustice or whatever else might be degrading…