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Tuesday; October 29

Does it seem like Christians are being mistreated in our society?  Periodically, throughout the week, we will hear or read someone say something about how they are being “persecuted” for their beliefs.  Maybe it was a tough situation at work where they took a stand based on their beliefs and were ridiculed for it.  Others might cite a time when they weren’t chosen for an honor because they espoused a belief in God.  Some people relate stories of how various people say mean and nasty things to them because of their stated beliefs.  Sure, none of us like to be made to feel uncomfortable for our beliefs, but is this really persecution?   If we get our feelings hurt or we miss out on an opportunity does that make us a martyr?  I am sorry if this is happening to anyone, but is it time we started to return the true meaning to “suffering for the cause of Christ”? If we were to look back throughout history we would find people who lost their lives because they professed a belief in God.  There…