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Monday; September 18

I love the Tropics!  I have often joked that I feel like I was born on some tropical island, but a young married couple from the States must have stolen me away to be their own son.  I really enjoy visiting the Caribbean islands and south Florida and have often dreamed of living on a beach listening to the palm trees being swayed by the tropical breezes while the gentle surf breaks just a few steps away.  I relish my fantasies of living in an island paradise, but like everyone else, last week was a reminder of the reality of what can happen.  Island life is tenuis at best, in fact, it can be dangerous.  Many of the places that I have enjoyed visiting are now struggling – some to the point that they may not return to their glory during my lifetime.  Paradise on earth is fragile. As I watched the events of last week, I was struck by two thoughts – my heart was breaking as I saw the devastation, but I was also reminded of our need to stay focused on the future.  Everything on this earth w…