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Monday; October 30

Through the years I have mused that is much easier being a man than a woman; but, in today’s world, that tongue-in-cheek remark is dangerous.  In an age of scandal, accusation and accountability, being a man has taken on a whole new tone of sobriety.   Our society – from sociologists to politicians to entertainers to everyone else – is calling upon men to step up and be responsible.  We are being told that we must treat women with respect and hold other men accountable for their actions.  We have been promised that childish and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.  But, you know what – as I go back and reread this paragraph – what I see is what has always been expected for a man to be a man!  It has never been okay to degrade women.  Real men have always been challenged to be responsible; to support and encourage their families, their neighbors and their co-workers.  Some people may have carelessly tried to redefine what it means to be a he-man, but the truth of the matter is…