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Monday; November 13

Wouldn’t it be great if all of our politicians, social advocates, business leaders, school teachers and entertainment stars professed a belief in God?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they all openly identified with Christianity?  This may sound a bit odd, but my response is “No, not necessarily!”. OK, now before everyone starts to hit the “Comment” or “Reply” button, please hear me out.  While I would like more people – especially those in public eye –  to live according to spiritual principles, I am leery about them advocating that lifestyle unless they are willing to genuinely walk the walk.  One of the most damaging forces on Christianity through the years has been hypocrisy.  When I use this phrase  I am not referring to well-meaning people who make mistakes, rather the reference is to those who advocate they are on God’s side while not making the good-faith effort to be true to Him.  I am inspired by godly people who live their faith in a public way, but I have little tolerance for p…