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Tuesday; July 25

I didn’t tend to rebel as a teenager – even though I was a preacher’s kid – but, there were still times when I needed some “direction”.   Throughout adolescence I was given guidance by my parents – sometimes by way of gentle reminders and other times their message was a lot more direct and to the point.  As I look back on those days I recall that I did not always appreciate their insight, yet it wasn’t necessarily because they gave me bad advice.  More often than not, when I didn’t like what my parents were saying it wasn’t because they made bad decisions, it was just because I didn’t like the answers. You might think that the older I get the more I have come to appreciate answers I don’t like, but I am not sure that is necessarily true.  We all find ourselves in positions where we don’t get the answers we want and we have to make a decision what we are going to do with the input we receive.  When we find ourselves standing at the crossroads of reacting to the news we don’t appreciate …