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Friday; September 21

Are you a minister?Some who read this question can answer in the affirmative without giving it much thought because they are “paid preachers” who have taken on the title “Minister”.Honestly; however, I am not talking about them, I am talking about all of us.Are we ministers?It is easy to get bogged down in titles, but this question has more to do with lifestyle than profession.Are we actively involved in the Lord’s work – especially serving our fellow man?We need more ministers in the world!Sure we can always use more good people who are called to work fulltime with our congregations, but beyond that we need people who are just willing to work. One of the challenges with finding people who are willing to minister is the impression that ministry involves being a graduate of some religious institution.The truth is that it isn’t the degree that matters, it is the pedigree that makes us special.Peter called on all believers to make a difference by reminding them, “But you are a chosen rac…