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Tuesday; August 29

Last weekend’s hurricane along Texas’ Gulf Coast was a reminder of the limitations of humanity.  Initially, many of the forecasters expected a minimal impact by Harvey, but the closer it got to land, the more serious things became.  When the storm hit the coast with 135 mile per hour winds and torrential rains a lot of lives were turned upside-down.  In its own natural way, Harvey reminded us of what it means to be human.  We have some answers to forecasting storms, but acts of nature cannot be fully understood by the human mind and the furry they unleash can often overwhelm even the best laid human plans. As I watched Harvey, I thought about human sin.  No, I am not saying that the hurricane was the result of God’s punishment, but it does bring to mind just how powerful sin can be in our lives.  Rationally, humans can understand sin and (often) predict its impact on life, but the devastation of sin packs a powerful punch that cannot be derailed or fixed by people.  From the first day …