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Wednesday; October 16

Police officers arrested for homicide ... school staff dismissed for inappropriate contact with students ... prosecutors charged with driving while intoxicated ... ministers convicted of embezzlement ... doctors accused of over prescribing opioids.It wouldn’t take much looking on social media or on news outlets to find these headlines.On one hand, we might wish that someone would merely report on the good things the folks in these professions were doing, but, the most basic desire is that these headlines would go away because people stopped doing them!Sure, sometimes someone with a personal agenda falsely accuses good people and other times an entity with an axe to grind will over-report these incidences, but in all honesty when these types of thing happen, they should be addressed and our communities should be informed. The reason I bring up these sensitive topics is that the best way to deal with these things is through a very simple, morally effective two-pronged approach: 1.People i…