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Wednesday; February 27

Not long ago Jeane and I visited one of the many old family estates that have been made into museums in Virginia.  This residence happened to be Stratford Hall that was home to several generations of the Lee family.  As we toured the house we were fascinated by how much “nice” stuff the family had on display.  The docent explained that many of the people of that day often put their finest on display so that others would know their “station” in life.  They liked to be seen as different than those around them. As I reflected on the ostentation showed by the “haves”  of that generation I was struck by how this type of display might be good for us today.  Now wait, hear me out – no, I am not advocating that we put our “stuff” on display, rather we should be known for our good name and purity.  Just as those in bygone days put their wealth on display, we should put our goodness and righteousness on display – not for our own benefit, but so that our Heavenly Father can be glorified.  As chil…